Everything You Need To Know About A Virtual Online Mailbox

Updated March 3, 2021

Mail management is a timely task for any business owner and traditional routes come with a lot of headaches.  A Virtual Mailbox or Online Mailbox can be the answer.  Have you ever stood in line at the post office, only to find that your mail is 90% sales pages? Or gotten that dreaded pink slip that says your package is too large for your mailbox? Does your shredding service charge you per the pound for discarding paper scraps you didn’t want anyway? We’ve been there. That’s why we created the Starthub Virtual Mailbox.

In 2021, more businesses than ever are operating remotely.  Therefore, a Virtual Mailbox helps businesses operate from home, across country, or across the world.

One of the best opportunities to optimize your business practices digitally is with your mail service.  A digital mail system through a virtual office allows you to access and delegate your mail in real-time from any device, anywhere. It also removes completely the tasks of opening, sorting, and shredding mail, freeing up time.  There are so many ways that a virtual mailbox can maximize your business operations.  Before we get into the benefits, it is helpful to first address what a virtual mailbox is, and how it works.

What is a virtual online mailbox?

A virtual mailbox is a digital mail service that provides your business with easy, worry-free mail handling. Imagine if your physical mail was as easy to manage as your email – that’s what a virtual mailbox can do. With this service, your business has a physical address where your  mail is received and processed. It’s then scanned and uploaded to a digital platform where your virtual mailbox is housed.  This means you have immediate access to it – no matter where you are. There are a range of services and amenities that come with virtual mailbox packages.  Most of these services include forwarding, shredding, and holding packages. They are completely customizable and typically invoiced on an as-needed basis.

What do I get with one?

The beauty of a virtual or online mailbox is that it can be as complex or as bare-bones as you like.  You only pay for the services that you need. Though packages and services vary based on your provider, there are a few standard features that define a virtual mailbox. These include a physical mailing address, a registered agent, and a digital mail platform.  Services also include forwarding, handling, and shredding. Let’s look at these in more detail.

Physical Mailing Address

Though you view your mail on a convenient virtual platform, you get a physical business address where you receive mail. You can use this address on business cards, websites, newsletters, whatever! It also gives you the opportunity to register your company on Google My Business.

If your business is small or primarily remote, a physical address will boost and legitimize your business image. To this end, some business owners choose to use their home address as their mailing address or a PO Box.  However, a virtual address is a better option for a number of reasons.  Most importantly, using your home address creates a large problem of security and privacy. With a virtual mailbox, you’ll receive a physical location to represent your business that is secure, legal, and safe.

This is an especially great feature for international businesses that want to expand to the United States. A virtual or online mailbox gives you a physical address without the hefty start-up fees or business risks.  You can use this physical address for legal requirements, on-site mail handling, and business image.  It’s a great way to get your feet on American soil without the cost or headache of a physical move.

Registered Agent

One of the biggest benefits of a virtual or online mailbox is that it provides your business with a registered agent. A registered agent is a legally-recognized individual who is responsible for receiving important and legal mail notifications.  They are required for most US businesses. A virtual mailbox provides you with this service – typically free of charge.   The result is you can move forward with your business and know that you’ll be properly notified of important or time-sensitive documents.

This is another great resource for expanding international businesses.  The registered agent fulfills a legal requirement needed to set up your company on US soil. For other great ways that virtual solutions can help your international business expand, start here.

Digital Online Mailbox Platform

The key element of a virtual mailbox is its digital mail platform. When your mail is received at your physical address, it is scanned and uploaded onto a digital application.  That means you access it online from any device, anywhere in the world. Through this platform you can view your mail and choose from any number of handling options with just a click. Viewing your mail online in real-time affords you several benefits.  First, it allows you to receive correspondence more quickly.  It minimizes the time-consuming effects of spam or junk mail.  And it gives you many of the same handling options as a traditional mail service (without the extra fees or commute).

Forwarding and Handling Services

Depending on your mail provider, the cost to forward and handle your mail can add up quickly. It can also be time-consuming if you have to add postage or take your mail to an approved location. But a virtual mailbox eliminates those problems by giving you the option to forward your mail from the same location it is received, and the cost is often tiny. Using this type of service eliminates those inconvenient trips to the post office and guarantees that any mail you receive is relevant and important to you.

If you prefer to pick up your mail, most virtual mailboxes also offer complimentary holding services with their packages. This means that when you receive important correspondence, you can be immediately notified and know that it’s being held in a professional and secure location for you – just pick it up whenever is convenient for you.

Shredding Services

Businesses receive a lot of mail. Disposing of unneeded waste can present weight and space problems as it accumulates.  Professional shredding services can charge large fees to collect and shred it. This can be especially frustrating if the bulk of your paper waste is junk or spam mail you didn’t ask for. You can eliminate this hassle and cost by taking advantage of on-site shredding services with a virtual mailbox. This means that any mail you mark as “junk” will be promptly shredded and discarded – you’ll never even see it.  Say goodbye to junk mail and hello to receiving only mail that matters to you.

Do I need a Virtual Online Mailbox?

There are so many emerging products and ideas in the business world today that it can be hard to know which are actually relevant to your business. To know if a virtual mailbox is right for you, you should ask yourself the following 3 questions:

1. Do I want to save time?

For small or startup businesses, the time spent receiving, sorting, delegating, and disposing of mail can be quite large.  That’s time that is better suited to other, more significant departments.  Your time needs to be allocated to the most productive activities.  Have you ever stood in line at the post office, only to find that your mail is 90% sales pages? Or gotten that dreaded pink slip that says your package is too large for your mailbox, requiring you to drive to the post office to retrieve it? The time spent managing mail is by and large non-profitable for a business.  But, you can outsource that time with a virtual or online mailbox. Now you can spend those precious minutes doing something that drives your business, or just living your life.

2. Do I want to save money?

There may be significant cost savings with a Virtual Mailbox.  The charges for a traditional mail service add up quickly. Between renting a mailbox, paying for postage or sending fees, time spent on commutes, and the cost of shredding services, businesses can be taking a hit on their mail handling that they may not see. But a virtual mailbox bundles these and other services into convenient, low-cost packages. No more nickel-and-dime expenses – you pay a small, flat fee each month and receive the services that you need, when you need them.  

A virtual online mailbox can also save you a lot of money by cutting a position on your payroll. One traditional solution to mail management has been to assign it to a designated, salaried employee, but not all businesses can afford to hire full-time or in-house help. If your business is small, startup, or primarily remote, you can greatly benefit from outsourcing your mail handling to a virtual mailbox team. You’ll receive a dedicated and trained mail specialist, without having to fund salary or benefits packages. Plus, no HR complaints!

3. Do I have internet access?

This is really all it takes to set up a virtual online mailbox for your business! Your mail will be uploaded and viewed on a convenient digital application.  This can be accessed through any device with an internet connection. Have you ever gotten back from a trip and had an important piece of mail waiting for you that needed immediate attention? Access your mail no matter where you are and never worry about missing a note again. Plus, with a registered agent, you’ll be immediately notified about any legal or certified documents that your business receives.

A virtual online mailbox is a great way to streamline your mail handling, boost your business image, and save money. Virtual mail services are cost-efficient, easy to use, and help take administrative tasks off of your shoulders. They are a great solution for any business that wants to maximize their operations.  But they are especially great for small, startup, or remote businesses.


At Starthub, we offer a comprehensive virtual mailbox with every virtual package – and they start at just $25/month! We’ll even give you your first month FREE. Just click here to get started.  You’ll receive a prestigious mailing address in downtown Miami, dedicated mail handling services from a talented team, and an innovative digital platform to receive and direct your mail. Plus, 24/7 customer support. For more information on why Starthub is the best choice for your virtual mailbox, click here.

6 Reasons Why You should choose Starthub for Your Virtual Mailbox?

We know what you want out of a mail service – confidence in receiving the mail you need, and forgetting the mail you don’t want! With Starthub, you can rest assured that:

  1. your mailing address is in a prestigious location in the heart of Miami, FL
  2. your mail is handled professionally, confidentially, and quickly
  3. you’ll be notified any time you receive or forward mail in real-time
  4. you’ll receive all incoming mail, regardless of package size
  5. Any mail you mark as “junk” will be shredded and discarded, on us!
  6. You’re getting the best value in the business – our virtual mailbox starts at just $25/month and we offer great discounts for multi-month packages!

Stop waiting in long postal lines and wasting time digging through sales papers. Contact Starthub today to sign up for easier, faster, and more efficient mail. With Starthub, you worry about the business and let us worry about the mail.

Click here to learn more and sign up for your Virtual Mailbox today!



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