What is a Virtual Office?

With so many new startups and freelancers working from home, the term virtual office has been used more and more frequently. This article will answer the question, what is a virtual office?, and will explain the value that a virtual office provides, especially for new businesses.


You may be asking yourself, what is a virtual office?


Put simply, a virtual office is a professional business address where a company can receive its mail, packages, phone calls and even faxes. Think of it as a P.O. Box that does a lot more for your business. A virtual office can offer a range of services from full turnkey operations to a simple mailing address. The cost of a virtual office is extremely low compared to the price of a full office space, which is why many entrepreneurs nowadays opt to work from home and have a virtual office as their corporate business address. Many coworking spaces, like Starthub, also provide virtual offices.


What kind of value can a virtual office provide?



One of the biggest challenges for new businesses is credibility. Today, customers have access to so much information that they can learn everything about your business with touch of a button. When customers google your company, you don’t want a picture of your mom’s garage popping up in their map. That is why a virtual office can be a valuable tool for new companies to establish their credibility. They can be even more credible than a P.O. Box because a virtual office’s address looks the same as a physical office address. Virtual offices help build a corporate brand image that is professional and trustworthy. In turn, customers will be more willing to use their services. Additionally, some lenders only provide loans to commercially zoned business addresses. With a virtual office, both lenders and customers will consider your business credible.


Low Costs

A virtual office can offer a lot of value to startups and new small businesses if they want to keep costs down. This is especially the case when bootstrapping your business. Virtual office services can range anywhere from $55 per month to $500 per month. This price depends on the extent of the services they provide. Compared to the cost of a full office space in Downtown Miami or coworking space in Miami, virtual offices can save you lots of money.



Besides cost and credibility, virtual offices can provide convenience. New startups and small businesses have endless to-do lists, and sometimes they do not have time to answer every phone call, or wait to sign for their FedEx package. Virtual offices can make a newborn business’s life much easier. For example, at Starthub, we also provide a service called e-delivery, where we forward your physical mail to your email. This way, you do not have to constantly stop by the virtual office to pick up your mail.


Extra Perks

If you happen to rent a virtual office from a coworking space, like Starthub, you can also receive extra perks with your membership. For example, at Starthub, all virtual office members receive access to exclusive networking events, the Starthub newsletter, and the use of our Miami shared office space (4 days per week) and conference room (2 hours per month) for more productive days and important meetings.


In conclusion, a virtual office is a great tool for new businesses. It can help your business establish credibility, lower costs, and provide convenience. Now instead of asking what is a virtual office? you can ask where can I get my virtual office?


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