10 Ways to Use Your Coworking Office Space to Grow your Business

Are you using your Coworking Office Space to its full potential for your business?  Are you getting your money’s worth from it?

What if I told you that your coworking space could not only help you to focus and be productive with the day-to-day, but it can also help you to reinvigorate or even reinvent your business?  That it can motivate and excite your team?  How about that it can help you to find new clients?  And help you to better meet the needs of existing clients?  That it can help you to build your team, expand your team, or train your team?  Or what if I said that it can help you expand to new markets?  How about if I said your coworking office can help you to generate more money for your business??

Interested?  Heck yes you are!

In case you are new to the world of coworking office spaces, be sure to first read up on what they are and how they can benefit your business.  Then come back here after!

10 Ways to use your Coworking Office Space to Grow your Business!

Here are 10 ways that you may not have thought of to leverage your coworking office to really grow your business vs. just maintain!

1. Client Meetings

Do you have existing clients that you meet with in their office?  Are you looking to further your work for them?  Do you need time with them away from distractions in their office?  Using a private office or conference room at your Coworking Office space can do wonders for getting productive work completed with your client, presenting a final business recommendation, or pitching new services to them!  It means that you can prepare the space in advance, you can set up a demo or a presentation.  These are incredibly important when trying to maintain or gain client business.

2. Interviews

Interviewing people to join your team can be tricky to do in person.  Especially when you are working out of a home office or the potential employee is far away.  However, having the interview at your coworking office can help immensely.  It gives you a neutral space to get to know each other.  You can reserve a private office for no distractions.  And you can set a day for all interviews to take place at the coworking office.  Blocking time like this has been proven to increase efficiency.  You are also likely to make your decision much faster when all interviews are fresh in your mind vs. strung out over several weeks.

Interviews in person also give you a much better sense of a person’s character than over video.  Finally, when someone is willing to make the commute to join you physically, you can trust that they are more committed to working for you.

3. Brainstorms

Brainstorming ideas is critical to growth for any business.  Whether it’s new product development, new customer communication, advertising creative, or financial opportunities.  All of these may require – and likely do – a good brainstorming session to think through new ideas.  Sitting down in a fun office environment, free from distractions, with team members for a day or more can lead to new ways of thinking.  Are you desperately in need of a marketing refresh?  Do you need new service ideas to meet customer needs?  Do you need to sit down to review the business and see what’s working and what’s not?  Well, scheduling time with you and your team at your coworking office is one of the best ways to get started on this!

4. Project Management

I’m probably not going very far out on a limb when I say that you have many, many balls in the air, right?  You have client projects, new product development projects, marketing projects, finance projects, and the list goes on.  How are you managing all of these projects?  Scheduling 1 day/week at your coworking office space to just manage project details can help keep you organized and moving forward.  Use this time to look at timelines, to-do lists, follow-ups, and action items.  Having a dedicated time and place for this tedious type of work can help to ensure you get it done most efficiently!

5. Batch Working

Batch working is the concept of scheduling various tasks in batches throughout your week.  For example, if you are a Food Blogger, you may do all of your recipe testing on Mondays.  You photograph and edit pics on Tuesdays.  Write recipes and blog posts on Wednesdays.  Work on client projects on Thursdays.  Then manage all other business activities on Fridays.  Batching your work in this manner helps to create efficiencies and focus.  Our minds can truly only focus on one thing at a time.  So, which many of us like to think we are brilliant multi-taskers, the fact is that we are not giving any one of those things our full attention and brain power and something is getting short changed.  We are all also more likely to be distracted when we are doing 3 things at one time vs. focusing on one.

Use your coworking office space for batch working!  Select the activities that really require you to be in a working environment away from the TV, the refrigerator, or the laundry.  Then schedule those activities for the same day at the coworking office each week!  Watch the efficiency and productivity unfold!

6. Sales Meetings

Quarterly, bi-annually, or annual sales meetings are important for any business that is selling a product or service.  These meetings allow you to speak with your sales team members to see what’s working and what is not.  It allows you time to present and demo new products or services and get real-time feedback and input.  You can hold strategy sessions, brainstorms, financial meetings, training, and more.  A Coworking office space is ideal for this!  It allows you to reserve the space that you need for as many days as needed.  You are then able to come into the office in advance and set up the materials, presentations, demos, etc that are required.  You can have large group meetings or one on ones.  Leverage your coworking office space for sales meetings and start scheduling them now!

7. Training & On-Boarding

Imagine you’ve just hired 3 new Sales Associates to help reach new customers and sell in your products or services.  Now, it’s time to schedule your coworking office space to train them all together!  By doing this, you’re spending 1 day to teach them all together.  You can show them things in person that are not so easy over video or phone.  Relationships will start to build faster with your team in person.  And you can use the facilities to prepare for the training ahead and reserve a conference room for 2 or 10 for multiple days based on your needs.

8. Test New Business Markets

Looking to expand to a new city?  Completely immerse yourself in that city and do on-the-ground market research by using a coworking office space there!  Set up your test market camp there for 1 week, 1 month, or 6 months.  Invite potential clients in to meet with you.  Conduct a focus group for feedback.  Learn all about the new market from inside the market!

9. Strategy or Creative Sessions

As with brainstorming sessions mentioned above, Strategy or Creative sessions really do require dedicated time in a new environment to get the juices flowing with you and your team.  Utilize the coworking office space for this and start to schedule these sessions out 2 or 2 times per year!  That way team members can start to plan ahead and you can start to shape the content in advance.

10. Hide out from the people at home!

Of course you love your family.  But, that doesn’t mean you can get work done around them!  Look at your calendar and see when the kids are home from school – teacher education days or winter break in February, for example.  Then schedule yourself OUT OF THE HOUSE!  Seriously, save yourself the hassle now.  Guests visiting in town?  Schedule half a day at the coworking office!  Know your boundaries and your limits and take advantage of your coworking space whenever needed.

Start Scheduling Time in Your Coworking Office Space?

Hopefully, you see how a Coworking Office Space can truly up-level your business.  So what next?

Regardless of which coworking office provider you are using, be sure you have a clear understanding of the space available for rent and know how far in advance you must reserve the space.  Here are Starthub, you have so much flexibility, so be sure to leverage all of our services!

Look at your calendar and start to pencil out the days you need the space and the size space you need.  Start to schedule your A priorities first, then B, then C.

If you have not started to work with a Coworking space yet, what are you waiting for?


At Starthub, we offer comprehensive & FLEXIBLE Coworking & virtual office solutions.  We’ll even give you your first month FREE. Just click here to get started.  You’ll receive a prestigious mailing address in downtown Miami, dedicated mail handling services from a talented team, and an innovative digital platform to receive and direct your mail. Plus, 24/7 customer support.


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