Coworking Spaces: 11 Innovative Workspaces in the USA You Need to See NOW

Coworking spaces…thousands across the US, where do you go to build your business and collaborate? To meet up with your clients when they are in town (or you are in town...)? To bring your virtual team together via google hangouts on the big screen via the luxe conference room? Make master plans on writable walls, while enjoy gourmet coffee with Co-founder 1 + 2?

Well the lists out there are endless on amazing coworking spaces across the country, no doubt about that. But we at StartHub Miami felt the need to persuade you to check out this list (in no special order) of amazing, innovative and honored coworking spaces across the great U.S. of A. When you make your visit, don’t forget to mention us:

1. Phoenix, Arizona: CO+HOOTS

A husband and wife team, Co+Hoots is a beloved Downtown Phoenix coworking space that helps the local entrepreneurial community thrive. The Mayor even cheerfully states it. Aside from general awesomeness, the space offers a job board, it’s own merch (T-shirt anyone?) and best of all, an alliance with multiple international coworking spaces for connecting their members to do pro-bono work locally and get a cultural experience to brag about. With sponsors like AT&T and Blue Cross Blue Shield, you can travel to another country and help people. That’s not a bad deal…

Local One stands to gain from CO+HOOTS’ fast pace, creative energy and involvement with multiple companies and initiatives and organizations throughout the Valley.”- Alan Earl, Business Leader



2. Boston, MA: Workbar Boston

Ah, hometown..the city of the greatest student loan debt per capita due to housing the educated through 75+ colleges like Boston University, MIT and Harvard (or “Hahhhvard”) . Let’s say you are a Bostonian professional, eager college student with a great business idea or one of the many creative or tech entrepreneurs in the area. Wouldn’t you want to mingle with other smarties away from the Allston or Back Bay Starbucks or college campus halls lining Commonwealth Avenue? Well, Workbar, a staple in the Boston community for coworking, has several locations for you; in the seaport area of Atlantic Avenue, on Prospect Street in Cambridge, and their soo- to-open Somerville Union Square location. Those areas not for you? Don’t worry, they have a network of hubs to visit in Downtown Boston, Dorchester and as far as Worcester and Providence, Rhode Island.

“Workbar offers the professionalism of a corporate office, the flexibility of a gym, and the comfort of a cafe.” Couldn’t be more perfectly said.

WorkBar Boston

3. New York: In Good Company

If you are a female professional or entrepreneur living in my favorite American city = NYC, and you like the idea of working alongside other female powerhouses, In Good Company located on West 23rd Street might be for you. This all-female coworking space even has their own book, called “The Big Enough Company: How Women Can Build Great Businesses and Happier Lives” , offers business coaching, plus many, many workshops hosted by their members who lead in the areas of art, design, education, public relations, media, writing, technology and more.

In Good Company

4. Santa Monica, CA: CoLoft

Let’s head to where the weather is actually nice during winter, Santa Monica, California! Tech-driven Cali is home to a whole plethora of tech entrepreneurs + start up founders of course, and CoLoft is a brand they definitely recognize. With a variety of comfortable memberships for multiple budgets ($99 for any open desk after 6pm and during the weekends…wait..really?) you can take time off the tanning on the beach and step into work-mode. They stay busy, have successfully supported over 600+ start ups, and famously 219,600 cups of coffee has been consumed.

At Coloft we believe in people and their entrepreneurial spirit. We sought to build a community of like-minded doers visionaries, change makers & problem solvers. The end result can not be described, it must be experienced. Come by and start experiencing the Coloft effect (a.k.a. Colofting*).”



5. Denver, Colorado: Green spaces

A coworking space that is 100% solar powered and green space certified. A shared kitchen that opens to the outdoors. A Zip Car and bike sharing process to get members moving around while being kind to the environment. As stated by Forbes, Denver is the #5 healthiest city in America. We can why, with such lush backdrops as the Rockies which span 140 miles of the skyline (An unbelievable memory for me, they change your whole concept of life..) so much that you can always feel inspired to live your best life. Enter this coworking space; Green Spaces knows it’s identity in a city that is passionate about good health, family and good times. Organic Soy Sugar-Free Vanilla Latte anyone?

“Here at Green Spaces we take great pride in building a team of like-minded individuals who strive to better our environment.”

Green Spaces

6. Chicago, Illinois: Wework Chicago

Ahhh…Chicago, a city I didn’t expect to love so much. In my opinion, a cleaner version of New York but way more manageable, with 2.7 million people versus NYC’s 11 million. A mega city with a 1 million+ ways to do business, connect with like-minded professionals and a whole lotta coworking spaces. The one that stands out from the pack is Wework Chicago, a sibling space from its impressive 52 locations across 16 cities. Of the two locations in Chicago, the one that struck me the most was the Fulton Street space. Maybe it’s the proximity to Google, or the gorgeous Chicago River of which Chicago has many, but Wework Chicago knows it’s awesome and we couldn’t agree more.

“Being a part of the WeWork community means being surrounded by some of the most innovative and passionate people in the city.”


WeWork Chicago

7. San Francisco: Sandbox Suites

Another California coworking space, SandBox Suites aims to please it’s members with 5 locations in the areas of SOMA, Union Square, South Park, Berkeley and Palo Alto.With featured clients like AirBnb, Blue Bottle Coffee Co and Cisco, and a cool team that includes two furry “mascots” that go by “Leila”, a pug and a English bulldog named “Buster”, Sandbox brings professionalism with a bit of fun.

“We know from professional experience it’s hard to keep a professional profile while working from your couch. Your couch is no place to build an empire. Enter Sandbox. “


SandBox Suites

8. Seattle: Impact Hub

Talk about a great site! Immediately upon visiting this Seattle space, you can see how personable they can be, with wonderful bios of each team player. The space offers as rental to the public a media room, a huge event space for seminars & fundraisers, and even their conferences rooms. Tons of their members are featured and researchable via an impressive search bar that can scope out titles, company names, even tags. I wonder if they serve Starbucks

“We believe in a better world through inspiring entrepreneurship, and through community, space and educational events, we accelerate entrepreneurs toward building the future we want to live in.”


Impact Hub

9. Washington D.C. The HIVE 2.0

Anacostia…a great part of D.C. for the arts! The Hive 2.0 knows how to integrate it to the max with the same building housing the Anacostia Art Center, a fashion boutique, a cafe, two art galleries and a black box theater! Part of the ARCH Development Corporation, this coworking space is passionate about supporting and revitalizing the local art and cultural community. On my next trip to glorious D.C. to hit Museum Mile, I will definitely make a visit.

“So whether you are an established business looking for a private office, a startup in need of a home base, a freelancer desperate for plenty of wi-fi, or a part-time entrepreneur in need of some full-time professional flavor we have you covered!”

The Hive 2.0

10. Dallas, Texas: Weld

Modern. Creative. Inspirational. Weld is a space for the creative entrepreneur to paint new worlds with other ambitious, out-of-the-box thinkers in the world-class city of Dallas home to 1.2 million residents. Offering event and studio booking in two locations ( a 2,300 Sq Foot Nashville space vs. 2,000 Sq Foot Dallas space), Weld intrigues the local freelancers and is a very popular coworking space destination in a city that can take the heat.

“We believe that community is essential for creative growth and that sharing physical space is vital for providing the encouragement and resources to create our best work, to grow as individuals, and to cultivate meaningful relationships.”



11. Miami, FL: StartHub Miami

You thought we would forget about our own space? No way! A 6,500 Sq foot brand new state-of-the-art modern workspace located on West Flagler Street in Downtown Miami, StartHub is set to hold our Grand Opening event on Oct 7th. Are you invited? We have the Apple TVs, we have the comfortable ergonomic seats & modern furniture, the gourmet coffee and tea plus get this..the no lease, month-to-month agreements. We just don’t have you here on your next trip to the tropical paradise of the great U.S. of A…so when should we book your tour?

“StartHub is focused on connecting startups and expanding our community reach. We engage in leveraging a strong global network, consisting of industry experts, investors, and mentors; all dedicated to providing tools and resources for our members in a multitude of industries, regions and verticals. Our network currently spans across five continents and partners with more than 200 individuals and organizations.”


StartHub Miami

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