#WomanCrushWednesday – Summer 2017 Interns

The summer’s coming to an end, and along with the 90+ degree weather, 2 of our coolest interns to date are heading out of here. Tia and Stephanie have survived a summer at Starthub and we are forever grateful for their hard work and dedication to the team. We couldn’t go another day without declaring them our #WomanCrushWednesday.




Tia Plagata, a recent FIU College of Business graduate, took time to fulfill an internship with us through The Talent Development Network. TDN Miami matches students with internships at top employers in fast-growing career fields and we were lucky to be paired with her back in May. During her time here, she spearheaded the entire venture partner program, worked tirelessly optimizing our website with the web development team, and whipped up some of our best soft landing blog posts. In her free time, she is an avid yogi, foodie, and fashionista. She’ll be spending the upcoming months traveling Europe and pursuing a career in the fashion industry. 

“I have truly enjoyed my time at Starthub because it allowed me to conquer new challenges. I have been able to push my limits by taking on marketing projects outside of my area of expertise, learning how to accomplish them, and producing great results. I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to work with such an amazing team in such a dynamic environment.”




Stephanie Rakotomalala is our French social media maven. This summer she has been working directly with our soft landing portfolio companies. From managing various social media accounts and creating loads of content to assisting with product development, Stephanie has been able to dip her toes in the world of marketing here in the United States. She graduated from The University of Cergy-Pontoise in France and has been exploring the globe working as a “digital nomad” of sorts. Her adventures can frequently found on her blog, We Travel So We Share, but if reading French is not your strong suit, you can always catch her on her Instagram (@stephy_wtws).

“Starthub is such a great place to grow! As a french student, this experience has been a huge accomplishment for me. I was looking to acquire more social media and digital marketing skills but I’ll be moving back with so much more of an interesting background personally and professionally. Working in a coworking space was such an eye-opening opportunity for me; interacting with professionals, listening to their stories, and receiving their best advice for my future!”



Team members such as these are hard to come by these days, but we are confident that these ladies are going to go very far in their upcoming endeavors. Much love and luck from your Starthub family!!



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