3 Awesome Things that Happened at Unbound Miami 2017

This past 1st and 2nd of November was a pretty hectic week as far as normal things go in both coworking & Softlanding at our office. It was the launch of the 2-day conference, Unbound Miami. For those that might not be aware, Unbound is the place for brands and corporates to meet founders and entrepreneurs from around the globe. It offers numerous opportunities to engage with groundbreaking innovation and disruptive technologies.

It all began when we were asked to serve as a community partner to the event. In addition to our own booth, we proudly hosted several booths for our tech-oriented member companies at the startup showcase as well. This presented them the challenge of introducing their product or service to a global audience and receive instant feedback. We are grateful to be surrounded by companies that exemplify our current technological landscape and showcase what #MiamiTech is truly capable of, all within our facility.


Starthub Miami Unbound Global 2017 AR Augmented Reality Softlanding US market expansion Downtown Miami
Magic Xperience’s table display at Unbound Miami’s Unbound50 Startup Showcase.

Just as we mentioned to those who passed by our booths (thank you for that!), we had all the up-&-coming technology acronyms… AR, VR, AI and absolutely, no BS . These companies were Project MAiA , Phi Cubed, Magic Xperience and 4Geeks Academy. See, when it comes to coworking, it’s all about  the “intangibles.”  What can you provide your community besides an extended list of features found in your brochure? For us, it was fantastic to tackle an expo shoulder to shoulder with our members while they made unbelievable connections to propel their business forward. Maybe you can come as a client next time?


The second thing we were truly excited about, was showcasing a Softlanding Program client, Magic Xperience. MX, as we call them, is a company that connects augmented reality to consumer products or any object that a client would like to have “come to life” (you can try for yourself with the image below!). The capabilities of MX’s platform are truly endless as the company also creates “white-labeled” applications for customers to use for their own businesses. Call-to-action functionalities are available as well allowing them to monetize their products from anywhere in the world in AR. This showcase allowed us to demonstrate 2 very important things: StartHub as a partner in their U.S. operations and the ease of providing international companies a local presence on industry-specific trade shows. That’s just one small aspect of marketing out of the entire gamut of operations we handle for our international customers.

AR Augmented Reality Poster Magic Xperience Softlanding Starthub Downtown Miami Coworking Shared Office Space US Market
Download the Magic Xperience app to test it for yourself. “Xcan” this image with your phone!


Going back to our point stated earlier regarding instant feedback, it wasn’t just enjoyed by our clients. We also took part in this benefit by forming a soft-launch of our new Starthub Concierge Services. Through this offer, we aim to provide companies (both local startups & smaller international businesses) with the same level of resources and operational guidance as we do in our Softlanding program for only a fraction of the cost – literally, pennies on the dollar! We created the ultimate virtual office with Starthub perks… establishing your company’s presence in the States, providing administrative support, managing your virtual calendar, and even having someone you can call to help you with negotiations. Most importantly, you gain access to our global network which is made up of the same professionals who have successfully launched previous and current companies in our Softlanding offering. The offer was so well-received by international organizations, that we are currently in the process of launching pilot programs with new partners we met at Unbound. To learn mo details about how it all works, you can click here.









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