Does Coworking Work for Lawyers?

Practicing law is serious business! We’re a serious coworking office.


Whether it serves as a long-term solution or a “pop-up” spot for clients, coworking spaces offer many amenities and services that are ideal for those practising law. If you’ve ever wondered how coworking spaces can benefit your law practice, Starthub is here to say: maybe it’s time to take things to the next level.


What If I Am Just Starting Out?

For those beginning their practice, coworking serves as a gateway to establishing credibility and rapport.  They attract various people open to collaborating and sharing resources. There’s an increased likelihood of creating meaningful connections so those same people are more confident hiring within the space. And as it so happens, a bar study shows that lawyers operating in a shared workspace earn more than lawyers who work at home or independent offices.

Taking it one step further, as a Starthub member, we make it your business to get business. We serve as your eyes and ears on the streets of Miami and take pride in continuously making sure your practice gets the exposure it deserves, both inside the office and out.


Isn’t This Environment Usually Really Expensive?

One of the greatest advantages of shared workspaces is their financial accessibility. Coworking is typically more affordable than traditional office space and includes a long list of amenities you would pay for individually, otherwise.

For small firms and solo-practitioners, establishing a successful law practice comes with a long list of to-do’s: client acquisition and retention, creating a budget, regulatory requirements – just to name a few. A home office may suffice at first, but that leaves room for many loose ends. They’re an excellent choice for those that don’t have much starting capital.

Desks at Starthub include all the perks (yes, even conference room hours!) and start at just $249/month. They don’t require long-term contracts so it’s easy to start without commitment. Or maybe your firm is experiencing growing pains… Starthub offices start at just $999 and fit up to 20 people.

Miami Dade County Courthouse

But I Already Have an Office for My Firm…

If you’re an attorney who wants to work in a professional workspace some of the time, but not often enough to justify the expense of a full-time office, coworking spaces are still an incredible resource to have!

We understand your clients want convenience. That’s why law firms open second offices or rent meeting space by the hour in locations that are more accessible to clients, especially those who commute for work. Our conference room rentals are perfect for attorneys who have trouble getting an available conference room in their own firm or need a deposition conference room rental.

At Starthub, lawyers have the added benefit of being in the center of all the action. Located directly across the historic Miami-Dade County Courthouse, we are proud to call the Concord Building our home. Our space is in close proximity to the criminal courts, traffic courts, and civic center area. Even better, we are only a short walk from the from the Main Downtown Metrorail and Metromover Stations.

Starthub can provide your firm with the perfect solution to meet all your needs. A convenient location, immediate hassle free internet, local area knowledge of vendor services, prompt responses to any questions or concerns, and even 24/7 access.

Worried there’s too much going on in a coworking space? Find tips on how to maintain an ethical legal practice in a coworking space here.




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