openHUB Spotlight: Marketing, Video Production & Radio Host

This week we met with quite a diverse group… When do we not right? It’s Miami after all. Love it.

It was a very interesting morning as we learned what each individual brings to the local community. Here’s this week’s companies.



Alanthinks Miami ecosystem content creator

First off, we met with Alan Guevara, a Marketing Consultand and Content Creator. Most of us know him as @Alanthinks, his handle on all social media channels, as he documents the Miami story. Like he describes our ecosystem, “Sometimes we might make the mistake of assuming that everyone know what’s happening in the #miamitech scene. I just want to make sure to promote the ecosystem, witness it’s growth and watch it as it evolve through my lense.” Be sure to connect with him to stay in the know through whichever channels you like best.

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Openhub event attendee Miami office space downtown coworking Starthub

It’s always great to host familiar faces and move conversations forward as to how we can collaborate. That’s what make this such a great thing to do on Monday mornings. David Verjano, founder of Verjano Communications came by as well. They help brands develop their digital presence across various online channels and take pride in connecting businesses to their customers. Their dynamic team is built on collaborative efforts and creative partnerships – breeding fresh ideas tailored to each project’s demand. We’re looking to provide businesses guidance so they can effectlively comunicate their value through effective branding. Stay tuned while we bring that to life!

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Openhub event attendee Miami office space downtown miami coworking starthubMeet Laurean D. Robinson. She’s a radio host of a midday-show for Flo-Rida’s official radio station, Strong Arm Radio. She excels at writing about pop culture and the latest in trends surrounding film, music, hip-hop, US, Miami news and much more. You can follow her blog here. She stays very active in her social channels showcasing Miami culture and latest happenings that move our community and the entertainment world forward.

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We had the pleasure of hosting 2 of these companies in our workspace besides meeting with our business growth department. As we look forward to this coming Monday we’d like to invite your company to enjoy the same perks! Send an email to [email protected] with a little bit of what you do. We’re excited to collaborate with our local talented entreprenurial community. Looking forward to meeting soon!




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