6 Reasons a Virtual Office in Miami is the Best Place for Your Small Business

There are many decisions to make when starting a small business.  One of the first, and most important, is choosing the business location. Choosing the wrong location can be detrimental to your success. The optimal location should have a stable and growing economy, reflect your business style, and offer diverse customer demographics.  A virtual office may be the perfect solution for your small business.  And a Virtual Office in Miami is one of the best options!  

According to startupranking, the United States is the number 1 place in the world to create a startup business. If you have a business overseas, be sure to check out What Can Your Company Achieve By Expanding To The United States.

But whether your business exists overseas or is starting in the US, a Virtual Office gives you ultimate flexibility.  You can select any state you want regardless of where you reside.  the United States is a very large country with dozens of populous and successful places to start a business.  How do you choose?   The 2017 Kauffman Index of Startup Activity shows that Miami, Florida currently holds the number 1 ranking when it comes to startup launching.

In recent years Miami has become the epicenter of international business. Its booming economy, impressive infrastructure, and diverse population make it a prime location to launch a successful business.  As a result, an increasing amount of businesses are migrating to Miami.  So what makes Miami so special?

6 Reasons a Virtual Office in Miami is the Best Place For Your Business

1.  Tax Advantages

The state of Florida offers one of the most business-friendly tax structures in the country. According to BeaconCouncil, Miami is one of the best metropolitan areas in the country for small and startup businesses.  The reason is Miami’s  low corporate income taxes, modest 6% sales tax, and no state income taxes. With taxes this low, starting your business in Miami means you keep more of your hard-earned dollars.

2.  Diverse Demographics

Miami attracts businesses and individuals from around the globe due to its booming economy and low cost of living. This results in a culture that is diverse, plentiful, and business-minded.  All of which creates a strong local customer base for your business. But its not only the locals – Miami is a mecca for tourism.  Tourism brings in hundreds of thousands of customers in vacation mode who are ready to empty their wallets every year. By offering a wide range of available markets, Miami’s population guarantees a large pool of potential customers.  

3.  Global Connectivity

Miami is in a key position for businesses that operate internationally. Due to its central location and convenient international airports, Miami is a key exporter of U.S. Goods. Additionally, much of that traffic stems from small businesses.  According to sba.gov, over 95% of Florida’s 2017 exports were done by small firms. Through its southern location and international culture, Miami also boasts one of the best opportunities for business expansion into South America.

Miami is home to thousands of international business headquarters.  They are taking advantage of its strategic location and bustling economy to expand their companies around the globe. This means the infrastructure and resources available to you are already primed for international business. Plus, you’ll have access to successful international business leaders.  This is an opportunity for guidance on the best ways to expand to the global market.

4.  Innovative Business Solutions

Miami is on the forefront of business innovation. As business experts have come together in Miami, they have created an environment that supports forward-thinking and revolutionary ideas. One of the biggest areas of change in Miami is an abundance of creative commercial real estate options. As an example, Miami is home to many digital office solutions such as virtual offices or coworking spaces.  Starthub is proud to be one of the best providers of virtual office solutions in Miami. By choosing Miami you’ll get access to the best new business trends in the industry (before the others do!).

5.  Local Resources

Miami has a myriad of organizations that have helped local entrepreneurs to stay afloat over the years.  They provide small businesses free conferences, counseling, partnerships, and various other types of support.  Some of these organizations are:

  • Government institutions such as the MBDA business center
  • Local organizations such as the CAMACOL
  • Public and private Universities
  • Various loaning programs

6.  Tropical Lifestyle

The balmy weather and island lifestyle of Miami have played a large role in helping businesses grow. Talented minds from all over the world have converged on Miami to live in a beachy paradise.  This gives your business a strong, multicultural group of potential employees to help grow your ideas.  Starthub can offer your business great virtual office solutions so that you can make the leap.  Join the fun with a flexible working space and a premium downtown Miami / Brickell business address.  You can stop in at the beach anytime (or even work there!). Plus, happy customers are productive customers, and very few people can be unhappy in Miami’s laid-back atmosphere.

Set-Up A Miami Business Address in Minutes

at (almost) No Costs

Now that you’ve chosen Miami as the location of your new business, how do you get there? The costs to relocate your business and your family can be staggering, especially for a startup or small business. Moving expenses, real estate purchases, and administrative costs can put your business in debt before you even begin! Luckily, at Starthub, we provide a solution.  A Starthub virtual office lets you take full advantage of Miami’s benefits while keeping your business costs virtually non-existent.  Our services will give you a prestigious business address in Miami.  You get the address and all of the perks that come with it, without ever leaving your home. It’s like having your cake and eating it, too! For several other ways that our products can benefit your small business, check out How Can A Virtual Office Help Your Small Business?

Contact us today to start setting up your business in Miami and guarantee your success! We’ll see you there!


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