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Updated January 2, 2021

So you want to expand your business to the United States. Smart decision! You’ve done your research on what your company can achieve by expanding to the United States.  You’re ready to begin your journey to an international powerhouse. But how do you do it? International expansion can be unrealistically expensive.  Navigating unfamiliar legal requirements can be overwhelming, especially for small businesses. If you don’t have the cash flow to purchase a property overseas and hire a tax lawyer, how do you expand successfully? And while 2021 holds the hope of businesses getting back on track, physical expansion may not be in the cards until later in the year due to the pandemic.  The answer to all of these challenges is simple: A virtual business address.

You may think that the only way to expand your business to the United States is to purchase an expensive space.  Or that you have to maneuver your company into the U.S. legal system.  That you need to hire a room full of local employees. But that’s not at all the case! A virtual business address is the easiest way for your company to establish a presence in the United States.  It’s easy and it’s affordable and fast through Starthub.

How a Starthub virtual business address can facilitate your US expansion


1. Your Virtual Business Address is actually a physical U.S. business address.

US Mailbox -A virtual business address is the easiest, fast, and affordable way to establish your presence in the United States. Starthub will show you how!

Don’t let that “virtual” word fool you.  Your business address through Starthub is a real, physical location in Miami, Florida (not a fake online address!). As such, this address can be used to register your business.  It can be used to apply for licenses, set up U.S. bank accounts, and more. Contrary to popular belief, PO boxes are not adequate to fulfill the legal requirements of setting up a U.S. business.  But the business address that we can provide you is all you will need to breeze through this step.  If you want more information how to easily start your business in the US, check out this article.

Plus, your address will act as a mailing address.  It comes with full complimentary mail services that allow you to receive, view, and forward your mail to anywhere in the world!

As a bonus, our office space will be available to you should you take a visit to the United States. Drop by to say hello and tour our state-of-the-art facilities.  Then enjoy the award-winning environment right outside our doorstep. The sun always shines on Florida!

All of this means that while 2020 and early 2021 may delay physical expansion, you are primed and ready to go in the future!  You get your virtual office today and a physical office when you’re ready for it!


2. A Starthub Virtual Business Address provides a Registered Agent

But that’s not the only benefit of purchasing our virtual business address.  We include a free registered agent with all of our plans. This legal requirement can throw a big wrench in your expansion if you don’t prepare for it.

A registered agent is a designated individual in the United States who will be legally responsible for incoming correspondence for your company.  This is required in most US jurisdictions. The registered agent has to be located in the state in which your business will be incorporated.  They also must be responsible for accepting and processing various documents and correspondence on behalf of your company.  Some of these responsibilities include: accepting renewal documents, processing documents in the event of a lawsuit against your company, and other important correspondence on behalf of your company.

But registered agents can be pricey and hard to find in a particular state if you do not have existing connections in the area. But don’t worry – we’ll provide one free of charge with the purchase of our virtual business address! That’s 2 legal requirements for the price of one!


3. It Establishes A Presence In The United States Market

US Google Map Search

A successful US expansion doesn’t rely on a street address alone.  You must establish a presence in the United States market and capture the attention of its consumers to be truly successful. Having a familiar US location will go a long way in representing your business legitimately to US and global customers. There is also the opportunity to have your US business address listed in famous online directories like Google My Business.  Read more to find out why this matters.  It will always increase your business credibility to showcase a US-based location, both for your current clients and any future clients you sign around the world.

But Starthub can help you take this a step further with our extra features. With our Virtual Office package, you’ll receive a live receptionist to answer and direct your incoming calls; your clients will be greeted warmly on your local or toll-free phone number, giving you a familiar and professional image. Next, with your virtual mailbox, having an onsite team to receive and scan your mail will allow you to place a foot in the US without expensive set-up costs or business risks. Finally, your business address will be located in prestigious Miami, Florida, the country’s leading capital for business, culture, and innovation. Like it or not, location matters, and with Starthub your clients will be WOW’d with your dazzling address and impressive office.


Expand In The United States In Minutes

Expanding your business to the United States may sound like a complicated and expensive feat, but it doesn’t have to be! Purchasing a virtual business address through Starthub is the easiest way to expand your business into the United States – and the cheapest! Secure your virtual business address today to quickly establish your company as a legitimate and successful United States business.

And don’t forget that Starthub also offers many additional services such as live receptionists and local phone numbers to help your business achieve its maximum potential in the U.S.! For a full preview on what Starthub can offer your expanding company, click here.

Business moves fast, especially in the United States! Don’t get left behind!

CLICK HERE to let Starthub help you expand to the U.S. today!


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