Turn Your Office Virtual in 2021 and Save Money!

Every business has gone remote in some capacity this year.  However, for many businesses, there is now a more tangible opportunity to go virtual more permanently.  In a recent article published in Forbes, it is estimated that remote working will eventually settle “in at 300% of pre-pandemic levels at the minimum”.  This means business will need to find long-term efficient, productive, and economical ways to run your business office virtually.  If you are looking to take your office virtual in 2021, then a Virtual Office is one of the best solutions.  A Virtual Office can help you to make that transition with huge benefits on the other side.  One of the most significant benefits is SAVING MONEY!  Let’s see how!

From a Temporary Fix to a More Permanent Solution

While we all figured out how to make remote working work this year, there may be more efficient ways to do it long term.  Some businesses find they benefit from both a physical location and a virtual office.  Others find it most lucrative to go fully virtual.  Either way that your business goes, setting up a strong foundation for your business’ virtual operations is the first step.  So how do you build this foundation?  By securing a Virtual Office.

A Virtual Office is an actual term for a service that offers you a Virtual Business Address and on-demand office space for a low cost per month.  It will also have available to your business, a variety of other systems and services, such as providing a registered agent, a virtual mailbox, mailing services, a business phone number, and receptionist services.

Cost Benefits of Turning Your Office Virtual

When you ditch the physical office for a virtual office, you will see big cost savings!  As mentioned above, your business can enjoy the benefits of a physical office without the high cost!  Leasing costs, utilities, maintenance, cleaning, management, and professional costs are very steep for a physical office. However, for a very reasonable monthly rate, you can get a Virtual Office Address with many of the services you are looking for from a physical space.

There are many more cost-savings opportunities, such as commuting costs, expansion costs, and productivity costs.  Read more about all of the ways that a Virtual Office can save your business money!

Productivity Benefits

While this past year is not necessarily the perfect example of remote working, it has proven that it can work.  Even more so since there were more distractions that usual (house filled with people, remote schooling, and more).  However, when things go back to a more normal reality in 2021, we will hopefully see less distractions.

With a virtual office and employees working remotely, there’s no need to have strict schedules.  Researchers have found employees that work in a fully fixed period are productive less than half of the total working time.  And as noted in the study from Zapier.com, workers indicate that they are more productive when they are able to work from home.  They avoid time-wasting habits they may entertain in the office.  And they work at the times when they are personally more productive and motivated.

Employees are only productive around three hours a day.  That means traditional physical offices are paying them for 5 extra hours each day, but not getting a return.  This does not happen in remote working since it is task-oriented.  Employees are free from a fixed schedule with the condition that they complete whatever given tasks within the requested period.

Customer Service Benefits

With Virtual Office services, you often have the opportunity leverage a Virtual Receptionist.  This means you get a phone number that is monitored 24/7 by a live person.   You never miss an important call!  The customer or potential customer can now speak directly with a professional that represents your business exactly how you want.  You can provide the responses and any key information that you want communicated to potential customers.  You can also have flagged calls forwarded immediately to you.

A virtual receptionist creates a better first impression vs. an automated service.  When business growth is your primary focus, any incoming calls are an opportunity for you. Studies show that people are more inclined to hang up when reaching an automated system.

A virtual receptionist really adds a sophisticated and professional vibe to your business, and assures your clients that there are in the best hands.

And finally, when you don’t have to answer all the calls, you get more time back!  You can fully focus on growing your business and leaving room for important tasks, instead of screening phone calls. You can then scan your message center for the most important calls to return and leave the rest for later.


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